Friday, January 26, 2007

Heart to Heart

Heart is the closest synonym you can find for the really pseudo 'limb' called mind. When you get really hurt you will have an ache which originates very close to heart.

Author have repeated this often in his blog; that life is a rather straight line. Maybe more or less like a kid with a crayon trying to join two points.

Relations are there in every aspect of life. Be it friendship, 'love' or commitment. There is, but one thing, that underlines all these relations. Its the aspect of feeling for someone. Be it hatred or affection; if you feel for someone he/she is important to you.

The author of this blog has been heavily influenced by the book Power of Now, suggested by a very special friend of his.

Relations are a double edged sword, one edge being sharper than the other. You might find all the happiness in someone, but if you ever come to a point that you are losing him/her, the sharper edge of the sword takes over. Hurt, frustration, loneliness. The wounds this sword makes to yourself, is much greater than the happiness you get by drenching the sword with the blood of others' wounds.

So why do we let emotions and lust take control of our lives? Here is one place where I cannot come to this else amazing writing called Power of Now. Without anger, without heartbreaks, without frustrations, just imagine the world. Too tranquil a substance. Too much of tranquility is a really boring experience.

Its like a room with no sound. Peaceful you might think, but then again you might feel the mighty need for some distortion, some sound; something to relieve you of this monotony.

So lets not keep our emotions at distance. Let it be there, but as 'Power of Now' says, never let the emotion take control of your life. Feel bad, feel sad, but never feel hopeless.

Look around and see things- Visions and Perceptions, always there, seldom noticed.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy New Year- came a tad late

Its been quite sometime since I have written something here. And the number has been decreasing every month.

Well here is a New Years post, which comes, well... on 18th January, 2007.

The writer of this blog was down with major fever on New Years eve and couldnt drink and party up like majority of the species out there. But had a pretty decent time thanks to special people in life.

I hope all you had a great time, wishing you a great year ahead.

Expect a new post soon.

PS: the writer of this blog is Me and Mary Jane kills us all.