Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Bendi Lives On...

Dont think I have stopped playing around with Bendi... Hes rocking my cubicle alrite... A few of his latest and greatest...

Bendi taking a nap

Acrobat Bendi

Zeig Heil Bendi

Bathroom Singer

Bendi Shows the Way


Bendi enjoying the 'sun' - Energy Efficient CFL Style

Bendi the Cynic

Bendi - Heartbroken

The Ominous Space

The Great Indian English Challenge continues... with...

Ass whipped... I know...

My Niece - The Latest

Here is a picture of my latest to Earth niece. Great going PK and SIL.

Street No. 1525, Dell Inc

Yes!!!! You got it right!!! You did not?

Well, I just got myself a new Dell Inspiron 1525 with the Street Pattern. And am loving it. Waiting to buy a WiFi router for home so I can blog, write, and do anything from any corner of my home. Right now, my ergonomics is going for a toss. I have been perched on top of my bed like a vulture sharpening its beaks on rocks.

I am putting up a few pictures of the new arrival (peoples already started asking me if its a boy or a girl, but i can surely tell you am a happy papa). Leaving you with the pics:

Monday, April 14, 2008

Having better headlamps in Bangalore is a crime

If you happened to catch Times of India dated 13th April, 2008 (Sunday); they have news about how the Bangalore Police have registered around 500 cases of vehicles using “flashy” lights. Now I know, considering the rather ‘Speed-ed Up’ attitude of the Bangalore youth, there are quite a few irritating headlamps on the road; the kind that flashes, like an Aircraft lamp, when it’s parked. Those are really irritating.

But one should also know that many of the new cars (like Honda Accord, Skoda Laurent, etc) come with Xenon lamps. The basic purpose of a headlamp is to illuminate the road without distracting the vehicle coming from the opposite side. But is there a fool proof solution with the Bangalore Police which will determine which headlamp causes discomfort. The obvious and sad truth is no. The world is moving forward to a world illuminated by xenon lamps and LED lighting for vehicles. LEDs are proven to be energy efficient, highly directional and widely illuminating. But the law and order in Bangalore hits unknown lows and stinks with the odor of brainlessness.

The Bangalore Police believes that any headlamp which is white colored (rather than the dull orange of regular headlamps) is bad for eyes. They go to the extent of proclaiming that such headlamps causes blindness. If you look at it theoretically, looking at the setting sun damages your eyes. Will the Bangalore Police go to the extent of giving a challan to the Sun? In this very out worldly real world of Bangalore and its various rules and regulations, that is an event that’s waiting to happen.

The Bangalore Traffic Police needed a casualty to finally install some reflectors along the median of the Inner Ring Road. Along with that they drew the lanes of the wide road. Again, reiterating, they needed a casualty for this. Is there a casualty for this drive against bright white light? None I could find. Have there been any complaints against vehicles using such lights? Again the answer is no. Then the sole and rather obvious purpose of this drive to crackdown on such ‘harmful’ light is to make the light pockets of many in the law and order department a little heavier.

Kudos to Bangalore police for once again turning the clock back.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Marshall Montgomery on Leadership

“The leader must have infectious optimism and the determination to persevere in the face of difficulties. He must also radiate confidence, even when he himself is not too certain about them. The final test of a leader is the feeling you have when you leave his presence after a conference. Have you a feeling of uplift and confidence?”

- Field Marshall Montgomery (as quoted in ‘Ogilvy on Advertising’)

Krazzy Bollywood

“Save the industry!!! Stop buying pirated cds and dvds… buy original!!!”

In any other country I would have said “Ok fine… you made something truly awesome and original… heres my dime, yen, cents, penny, paise for your work.”

But Nah! Not Bollywood… no way… half the music of this industry is plagiarized without due mention of the original.

I know for a fact that these songs are copied:

1) Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai – Woh Lamhe

2) Yeh ishq hai – Jab We Met

3) Aao Milo Chale – Jab We Met

4) Pehli Nazar Mein – Race

5) Ya Ali – Gangster

Incidentally all the above are by Pritam; who is hailed as the most successful composer. We have qawwali, carnatic classical, Hindustani classical, tonnes of folk songs, all these to be inspired from; but no, we go to Indonesia, Finland, France to copy music. For more on copying please do visit

But finally, someone seems to have won something. Ram Sampath (Music Director: Khakee) won a court case against Krazzy4 for copying his an ad jingle he’s composed for Sony Ericsson.

But am I relieved? Apparently, no.

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