Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Bendi Lives On...

Dont think I have stopped playing around with Bendi... Hes rocking my cubicle alrite... A few of his latest and greatest...

Bendi taking a nap

Acrobat Bendi

Zeig Heil Bendi

Bathroom Singer

Bendi Shows the Way


Bendi enjoying the 'sun' - Energy Efficient CFL Style

Bendi the Cynic

Bendi - Heartbroken


Whats in a name said...

Thats my BENDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Sri Harsha** said...

High performance, DELIVERED !!!


Congrats on new shiny Lappy man !!! Way to Go !!!

VnP said...

ofcourse man.. high performance... i feel like i've been clipped to some height to perform...

Anonymous said...

Effing awesome!

- N