Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dude, your blogs crying. FEED IT!

Aaahh.... so the gogols of tincans who come over here to read the stupid rants of whoever writes these blogs got agitated i guess.

Some help for understanding the above comment:
Gogol- 'supposedly' the real name of Google. Means a REALLY LARGE number.
Tincans- People who doesnt really have a brain. (You)
Rants- Mindless blabber. (this blog)
Agitation- A new washing machine technology that will make your life REALLY easy (that words been inserted here by Whirlpool(r)).

Actually, the title of the blog is what a friend of mine, had commented about the lack of substance thats been noticed in this blog lately. It is true that the writer of this blog unabashedly used this space for reaching into the millions of readers this blog has, so that the parties in which the writer of this blog deejayed become a huge success. Unfortunately, the millions of fans of this blog are just that, PERIOD.

And thanks to the lack of an auto save feature in the blogs, this post actually got delayed by a good 1 month. Also, people, you should know, no matter how popular this blog is, it doesnt give me the greens, or the greyish browns and greens which is available in India (in case you want to donate, make it reds).

This post is just a note from the writer of the blog saying, 'I am sorry for the delay. I had been lazy. But I will try not be anymore. I will regularly keep updating this blog and make it a huge success.'

The writer of this blog doesnt really have much minced meat (or minced vegetables; a wink goes here for someone special) to fill those tin cans of yours.

So he asks you all to see whats happening around the world.
Is instrumental version of National Anthems detrimental to a culture?
Can tricolors be found only in flags?
Why is there such a fuss over celebrity weddings?
Do we really care?

Actually, the last question is the only thing we really care about.

What is to be cared and what not be cared?

Visions and perceptions abound in this world; but which among those matters to you? The way you care about the world, thats the world thats perceived by you. So why not try for the biggest picture? When it comes to a canvas as big as humanity, it is always, bigger the better.