Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Baby Steps

I am here, in a room full of people from Media and Entertainment background. Its crowded and its loud; but is a welcome break from the dull drawl of the other office. Its a 3-day trial run my stint this one. If it succeeds, I really have no clue where to go from here. If it fails, well I'll try again I guess.

For now, there is nothing much I can relate to here. I moved from test scripts to tv scripts. I read the draft about 10 times and sent it to the guy. I am thinking its a hypothetical script; God forbid they come back to me saying they dont have the visuals I have written here.

I am at a loss on where they head for a dose of nicotine and caffeine, though most everyone seem to be hooked to that. For now the only freedom I enjoy here is, blogspot is not blocked. HAPPY BLOGGING TO MYSELF!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bangalore Airport - The High Points

The tirade of the media against the new Bangalore Airport continues. The latest as I heard from a friend (reported in Deccan Chronicle) is that it puts IT companies in a situation because of the rather extended periods traveling to and from the new airport. The productivity of these companies are affected because the important visitors (read phirangs) have lesser time to get to their works. Yeah? Really?!?!?! I mean comeon, that doesn't make any sense. Someone who travels half way around the world cannot spare an hour and a half on a road commute to the city?

Another problem the Deccan Chronicle reportedly reported was the lack of hotels near the new airport. Give it some time; I am sure the hotels of all the major hoteliers will crop up around the Airport. It seems to me that the new paper Deccan Chronicle wants to jump into the readers' side from the very first edition. Nothing wrong there really, but make sure you place valid points on the table for a fair judgement.

The airport, from the time the location was decided, has been plagued by criticism. It becomes inconvenient for people to travel via air because of the distance. I personally don't catch a flight more than thrice a year. I use the airport road (now old airport road) once every day. The traffic in the inner ring road is the worst with one having to wait possibly 15 mins to get to the end of it. The closing down of the old airport has eased the traffic a lot. I didn't foresee this one, but the decrease in traffic in the airport road is really a huge help. I can save atleast 10 mins of commute thanks to this difference. Now if you do some simple maths, it is clear that the time expended commuting to the new airport is easily offset by the time saved on commute in the old airport road.

All these rather tangential benefits aside, I can simply say that I hated the old airport. It was small, dirty, ill managed and crowded. Dogs and a mob of taxi drivers and autorickshaw guys (who are ready to slit your throat if you refuse to pay the fortune they ask for) is not the first thing you want to see stepping off an airport. If this is the case for me, imagine what the condition of the tourists or IT company visitors be?

I haven't had a chance to visit the new airport to see how better it is from the old one; but for now, lets all just stop cribbing and enjoy a peaceful ride or drive through old (and definitely more peaceful) airport road.