Saturday, February 28, 2009


They rock...

Oh, they are not this...

But this...

A french jinx

I love the French. Sensual, suave and arty to the core. They are musical, their cinema is one-of-a-kind and even their advertising. Breathtaking.

And the french accent has been exploited for comic relief since ages. So why should I not get a chance to do the same?

But well, the best laid plans of mice and men, aft go awry.

I had written two radio spots which featured french accents and both didn't make the cut to production. How sad is that?

I will still push on for getting the french guy out of my head and into the ear drums of Bangaloreans.

This is the revolution! French Revolution!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Of HDTVs, Media Servers and Centurions

I bought my PS3 from US. And it doesn't play PAL games (which means 99% of the titles available here in India) in my really ordinary 15 inch SDTV. SDTV, for the uninformed, is Standard Definition TV, or even simpler, the idiot BOX, and not the idiot lean mean LCD machine.

So what do I want? A sizzling new HDTV! But unfortunately, yours truly cannot cough up much moolah for a High Def. So the latest buzz is that there's a Samsung 21 inch LCD computer monitor with an HDMI port that's available for 7 grand. Which is rather cheap. So all efforts are going towards procuring that in the near future.

And my home WiFi network is finally set up. I also set up TVersity in my laptop. Now I can watch all my avi files on my TV screen through my PS3. It really kicks ass.

Also by the way, this is the 100th post in this blog. Way it took a while coming. Celebrate, and wine on the house. Whine I mean.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I orgasmed in a movie hall. TWICE!

Let's forego conclusions. I have done nasty things in a movie hall, but this post (or anything else) is not going to shed any light into that. Let it be dimly lit, like the movie hall itself (excuse me for that, couldn't control).

Well it's about my most anticipated movie of the year 'Dev D'. And guess what? IT ROCKS!

After No Smoking, I was rather sceptical about referring movies to my friends. The countless death threats I got after No Smoking resulted in an increased insurance premium even.

So it was rather hesitantly that I roped in my trusted brother (who, by the way, went down with jaundice after watching No Smoking. no kidding) and my untrusted girl friend to go see what Emotional Atyachar was all about.

And, well this time I was confident. Friday morning started with a loud celebratory fart for the 5 star review for Dev D in TOI (in case you are wondering, what? I read newspaper in the loo).

So finally, Anurag Kashyap's time has come. I am listening to Dev D non-stop. It's really unputdownable. And to find that Dev D scores over one of A.R.Rahman's most brilliant works recently (Delhi 6), that's saying a lot. And the movie has a lot to that credit. I want to go watch Dev D a third time just for seeing 'DEV D' title uncurl (???) on the screen with the strains of Emotional Atyachar (rock version) playing behind.

Needless to say, my girl friend is hating me for this obsession. Actually we've had about 7 fights over Dev D. I apparently have fallen in love with a movie.

And if that's not two-timing, bring on Kalki Koechlin.

More filth on the internet

Guess who's got a broadband connection at home again?

Yes, yours truly.

PS: It's Reliance WiMAX, and we have set off to a rather tumultuous start. 12 hours into the new connection, it goes bust. Their customer service had this rather unworldly excuse of not being able to troubleshoot unless my details are on their records. Over the call, the connection came back, and I politely bid farewell to the call centre executive with a passing reference about something linear (with girth) to be inserted into a homo sapien's back side.