Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Anger Management

Readers of the blog beware- the title of this post is misleading. For a person who has been cussing gtalk for going offline all the time my connection is congested and cursing this page for not loading on time, anger management is definitely not the way to go.

But what we can manage is the result of angry, frustrated outrages.

There is this widespread belief underlined by the fairer sex of the human race, that the things you say when you are in anger, is the ultimate truth. This, they will use it against you in future arguments.

So as much as we try to manage the outbursts of anger, we should manage the outcomes of anger as well.

I say, what you say when you are in a fit of rage is definitely not the truth. The reason is simple. Verbal arguments are almost always used to hurt the emotions of the 'opponent'. If you are close to that person obviously you will know what will hurt him/her. And thats what you use.

So outbursts of anger is always to be taken with that extra bit of spice so that it hurts the psyche. So lets not manage anger, lets rather take the heat off the heated exchange of words. Peace out.

Disclaimer (again): The writer of this blog has nothing against the fairer sex and revels in their company; anger or what not.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Philosophy of life again

There is this one song by Shpongle (please do check them out, they are amazing), the intro goes like, 'you are in a circular vortex.... spinning.... spinning... spinning...'
Apparently its meant to be a chill out psy track.

But consider our life. We are all in our own circular vortexes (or vortii, for all the mathematicians might think). We start our life thinking we will go in this direction. Our ambitions range from being an astronaut to deep sea diver. Then we get pulled by materialistic desires and forget the ambitions. Sex, intoxications and the lure of green paper take a precedence in our life.

Spinning in our circular vortex of life is like being blindfold and made to spin a thousand times. By the end of it, you would not know where you are heading. Worse, you wouldnt know where you wanted to head in the first place.

Do we really want to have a direction to our life? We may, or we may not. It solely depends on the will power of the individual. For probable lesser mortals like you or the writer of this blog, it might not be that easy to stick on to one single direction in life.

VnP urges you to live life your way, forget direction, forget desires. Power of now, as a friend of the writer says, has been the key in life; rest set apart, life is a straight line, starts at birth, ends at death.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Smell- A different perception

You see the smokes, you taste the ice cream melting in your mouth, you feel the chill of the beer bottle that you are holding, you feel the constant rhythms and shfting frequencies of the psychedelic music playing in the background. Is there something missing?

I have covered sight, taste, touch and sound. Whats the one missed out? Oh yes ofcourse, smell.

How come smell gets omitted all the time? It is probably one sense that gets etched into the brains and brings out the most relevant of times back to our mind in a snap.

Be it smell of cannabis, which can be smelled from even half a kilometer, or the smell of the hair of your loved one.

Why does smell always gets pushed to a back seat amongst the other senses?

The reason from the writer's observation is pretty straightforward.

Smell is mostly a very secondary sense of the world. You taste the food, the aroma just adds to the ambience. You see, feel and listen to your loved one, but smell is secondary.

But trust me oh folks here, you can see the picture of your ex, hear her/him, and maybe even have a friendly handshake with her/him sometime. Nothing i swear will evoke the same passion that is ignited when you smell the same perfume your ex uses.

Smell is a sense which humans couldnt recreate for an event. You wouldnt notice smell of a special event unless you come across that smell again.

Smell, again adds to the sensual experiences you have. Be it the smell of the mouth after a passionate kiss even.

So let us not push smell into the background. Smell the world, smell the atmosphere and smell the experience.

Let our perception not be restricted to the mundance four we are made to believe are the best.

Perceive the world in a new light, or should I say, a new scent.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Love- A Comedy

Love is probably the biggest hallucinogen in the world. It warps reality into something you have always dreamt about. It makes you forget how bad you sound when you try a John Denver, Bryan Adams or Chris Isaac when you serenade to your loved one.

The writer of this blog had tripped on this drug more than once during adolescence. You start reading astrology in newspaper with great intent as to what is going to happen in your daily life. Your actions will not make any sense to anyone else.

People makes the silliest mistakes when in love, if otherwise they wouldnt even have considered. So how do people bring sensibility into love.

Third person. Imagine you and your love are acting in a play. You finish your act of romance at its best. Now take a seat with the audience and Shakespear forgive, have a rerun of your act. I am sure events in your play which was supposed to be the dreamiest, the most daring, the most romantic (ah, ofcourse) seems to be much more of slap stick comedy than the romance you had intended.

Perspectives, I assert again, are there in every possible actions in your life, more so in love than anything else. So do not get blinded by the visions that love gives you, open your mind and perceive, coz that my dear friend is reality.

Disclaimer: The writer of this blog do not intend in anyway to hurt the feelings of people in love and believes in the superior power of love to anything else in the world.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Philosophy of life from Patch Adams

Patch Adams: funny movie. I am not here to write about the better part of the movie. But there is, in this movie, one part which had such a profound effect on how I view life. It comes in the opening of the movie, when hes in a Mental Institute acting as an inmate trying to figure out the psyche of others there.
One of the inmates opens up his palm and asks Mr Williams to count how many are these. Williams replies 5, thinking its the number of fingers.
The inmate retorts saying its four and asks him to look whats between the fingers. Between the spread fingers you can see four empty spaces, obviously there, but nonetheless unnoticed.
That is the essence of this blog. What life appears to us, and how life can be perceived by us. In countless ways we normally wouldnt dare viewing it.
Welcome to Visions and Perceptions, where I ask you to view things differently.