Thursday, October 19, 2006

Philosophy of life from Patch Adams

Patch Adams: funny movie. I am not here to write about the better part of the movie. But there is, in this movie, one part which had such a profound effect on how I view life. It comes in the opening of the movie, when hes in a Mental Institute acting as an inmate trying to figure out the psyche of others there.
One of the inmates opens up his palm and asks Mr Williams to count how many are these. Williams replies 5, thinking its the number of fingers.
The inmate retorts saying its four and asks him to look whats between the fingers. Between the spread fingers you can see four empty spaces, obviously there, but nonetheless unnoticed.
That is the essence of this blog. What life appears to us, and how life can be perceived by us. In countless ways we normally wouldnt dare viewing it.
Welcome to Visions and Perceptions, where I ask you to view things differently.

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