Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Anger Management

Readers of the blog beware- the title of this post is misleading. For a person who has been cussing gtalk for going offline all the time my connection is congested and cursing this page for not loading on time, anger management is definitely not the way to go.

But what we can manage is the result of angry, frustrated outrages.

There is this widespread belief underlined by the fairer sex of the human race, that the things you say when you are in anger, is the ultimate truth. This, they will use it against you in future arguments.

So as much as we try to manage the outbursts of anger, we should manage the outcomes of anger as well.

I say, what you say when you are in a fit of rage is definitely not the truth. The reason is simple. Verbal arguments are almost always used to hurt the emotions of the 'opponent'. If you are close to that person obviously you will know what will hurt him/her. And thats what you use.

So outbursts of anger is always to be taken with that extra bit of spice so that it hurts the psyche. So lets not manage anger, lets rather take the heat off the heated exchange of words. Peace out.

Disclaimer (again): The writer of this blog has nothing against the fairer sex and revels in their company; anger or what not.

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Priyanka said...

Yup, ppl do say things when they are angry to hurt the opponent but it is what comes out from inside them, which means they do mean what they say.. maybe they don really wanna use it against cos they like that someone and care a lot to see them hurt........ eventually it has come from their mouth so..........