Sunday, November 05, 2006

Change of Address

How easy is it to describe something like a change of address? But is it? For me, its a huge no.

I changed house and a huge change in mindset has come across.

Earlier I had to check if my dogs peed or crapped anywhere first thing i wake up. Now its not. I wake up and think about the sunrise and people close to my heart.

The house is big and beautiful; something you so rarely find in this place called Bangalore (Bengaluru/ Bengalooru). Here you have a 2BHK (two bedroom, 1 hall and a kitchen). The funniest thing about these houses are, the bedroom can be used as a hall or a bathroom or a kitchen and a hall can be used as a kitchen or a bedroom. There is absolutely no feel of an actual house.

No more. We have found a perfect home for us in Bangalore and I am enjoying every minute in it.

Haven't really posted any blog entries from the new house, this is the first one. Expect one soon, maybe tonight, if I trip enough.

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Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?