Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Angel of the day

I believe in Angels. Angels are supposed to bring good luck to you. I think everyone of us is an angel. And I am sure everyone of us will have an angel everyday.

Is it religious? Supernatural? I dont think so. Its simply someone who lifts your life to a different dimension. Someone who can make your worst doubts vanish and who finds solution to something which has brought your day down.

Cant we be that? Ofcourse we can.

A friend of this blogger had to help this couple in distress. And she succeeded in that. Hence she became their farishta(angel) of the day.

All of us will find such angels everday; only if we look out for it. They maybe someone who doesnt even know you properly, someone who might bring that extra luck into your daily life and makes you think, 'Oh am so glad this happened'. But we hardly take notice.

Happiness is the ultimate aim for all species. And whoever attains that for them, is their angel for the day.

It can be a friend who you really didnt think of much, a person on the street who helped you find way to someone you care or anyone for that matter. They can really put a spin on your daily life.

So readers, please find your farishta of the day. Build new bonds, and be sure you are someone else's farishta of the day. You might know it, or you might not. But feel the rising happiness in your mind and enjoy it.


**l i t t l e F i n g e r** said...

Ya man...
I love to hear someone telling "you made my day"... That line actually makes my day!!!

Anonymous said...

hmm...wat about psychic vampires???ever heard of em?

diya said...

really true :)