Thursday, November 16, 2006


'Revenge is a dish, that is best served cold.'

Uttered Don Vito Corleone in the acclaimed novel The Godfather. The beauty of the dialogue is amazing. I wonder how Mr. Mario Puzo came up with that one.

Revenge is a beautifully satisfying feeling. To take back all the hurt caused by someone in an equally 'hurting' way is satisfaction redefined.

No matter how peace loving we want to be, revenge will always be behind our minds. Father of my nation, Mahatma Gandhi, gave new meaning to peaceful protests, but what he achieved in the end; sweet revenge for taking his country away from him.

Revenge often mistaken to be violent, is a largely misunderstood concept. It is in everyone's psyche to get back whatever you have lost. It might not be material to material. But it can be the high of getting something back from them.

How to go about on a revenge?

For this I come back to Don Vito Corleone.
1) Do not go against the 'wrong doer' at the outset.
2) Plan it up and the let the pressure go down.
3) When the heat simmers down, you know your opponent goes down on defence. She is not expecting any bite back from you.
4) Work it up till then, and charge back. Surround your enemy from all sides, without the chance of letting her escape.

Thus revenge, if executed slowly and effectively, becomes the most satisfying experience in your life; even better than sex. So let me ask all of you, not to go around throwing swears and fists at each other, but hit them on a different level, from which recovering will take some time.

Addendum: The writer is this blog loves revenge dramas, the one which has the planning part of the revenge forming the crux, and the execution, the climax.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Angel of the day

I believe in Angels. Angels are supposed to bring good luck to you. I think everyone of us is an angel. And I am sure everyone of us will have an angel everyday.

Is it religious? Supernatural? I dont think so. Its simply someone who lifts your life to a different dimension. Someone who can make your worst doubts vanish and who finds solution to something which has brought your day down.

Cant we be that? Ofcourse we can.

A friend of this blogger had to help this couple in distress. And she succeeded in that. Hence she became their farishta(angel) of the day.

All of us will find such angels everday; only if we look out for it. They maybe someone who doesnt even know you properly, someone who might bring that extra luck into your daily life and makes you think, 'Oh am so glad this happened'. But we hardly take notice.

Happiness is the ultimate aim for all species. And whoever attains that for them, is their angel for the day.

It can be a friend who you really didnt think of much, a person on the street who helped you find way to someone you care or anyone for that matter. They can really put a spin on your daily life.

So readers, please find your farishta of the day. Build new bonds, and be sure you are someone else's farishta of the day. You might know it, or you might not. But feel the rising happiness in your mind and enjoy it.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Philosophy of Life- from Dil Chahta Hai

I know that the readers of this blog must be getting bored of Philosophies of life. Life as such is a long and complex choice; the views we have on those will be different as well.

As the writer of this blog, I try to find different perspectives in life from daily life.

This determination made me get another one from this hindi movie Dil Chahta Hai.

The movie as such is one of my favourite Hindi movies of all time.

But the philosophy of life from this movie goes rather unnoticed.

The movie is about three friends. A girl is in love with one (Aamir) of the three (Aamir, Saif, Akshaye) but the guy doesnt like her at all. Another one (Akshaye) of the three friends is trying to explain this to the girl.

He takes beach sand in his fist and clenches it hard; most of the sand goes from between his fingers as he tries to cling on to it.

Explanation: The harder we try to get someone or try to keep that person with us, the more distant you grow from that person.

This small gesture addresses the biggest problem most of us faces. Possessiveness.

Why do people tend to get possessive? It is one of the most natural of human emotions. People tend to admire someone/something so much, they do not want to lose out on it. It might be insecurity or maybe you are stubborn.

We have to realise that if we have to cling on to someone, that one person might not be completely yours at all. The harder you try the farther they get from you.

Freedom is a birth right as the Great Mahatma's said some while back. Everyone needs it. Give everyone their space and they will give that great big pie of their life to you; if you deserve it. Let independence be yours as well as the person you are so possessive about.

Visions and Perceptions from your life makes this world a better place to live in. So let us all open up that clenched fist of ours and discover peace.

Change of Address

How easy is it to describe something like a change of address? But is it? For me, its a huge no.

I changed house and a huge change in mindset has come across.

Earlier I had to check if my dogs peed or crapped anywhere first thing i wake up. Now its not. I wake up and think about the sunrise and people close to my heart.

The house is big and beautiful; something you so rarely find in this place called Bangalore (Bengaluru/ Bengalooru). Here you have a 2BHK (two bedroom, 1 hall and a kitchen). The funniest thing about these houses are, the bedroom can be used as a hall or a bathroom or a kitchen and a hall can be used as a kitchen or a bedroom. There is absolutely no feel of an actual house.

No more. We have found a perfect home for us in Bangalore and I am enjoying every minute in it.

Haven't really posted any blog entries from the new house, this is the first one. Expect one soon, maybe tonight, if I trip enough.