Sunday, October 22, 2006

Smell- A different perception

You see the smokes, you taste the ice cream melting in your mouth, you feel the chill of the beer bottle that you are holding, you feel the constant rhythms and shfting frequencies of the psychedelic music playing in the background. Is there something missing?

I have covered sight, taste, touch and sound. Whats the one missed out? Oh yes ofcourse, smell.

How come smell gets omitted all the time? It is probably one sense that gets etched into the brains and brings out the most relevant of times back to our mind in a snap.

Be it smell of cannabis, which can be smelled from even half a kilometer, or the smell of the hair of your loved one.

Why does smell always gets pushed to a back seat amongst the other senses?

The reason from the writer's observation is pretty straightforward.

Smell is mostly a very secondary sense of the world. You taste the food, the aroma just adds to the ambience. You see, feel and listen to your loved one, but smell is secondary.

But trust me oh folks here, you can see the picture of your ex, hear her/him, and maybe even have a friendly handshake with her/him sometime. Nothing i swear will evoke the same passion that is ignited when you smell the same perfume your ex uses.

Smell is a sense which humans couldnt recreate for an event. You wouldnt notice smell of a special event unless you come across that smell again.

Smell, again adds to the sensual experiences you have. Be it the smell of the mouth after a passionate kiss even.

So let us not push smell into the background. Smell the world, smell the atmosphere and smell the experience.

Let our perception not be restricted to the mundance four we are made to believe are the best.

Perceive the world in a new light, or should I say, a new scent.

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