Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Philosophy of life again

There is this one song by Shpongle (please do check them out, they are amazing), the intro goes like, 'you are in a circular vortex.... spinning.... spinning... spinning...'
Apparently its meant to be a chill out psy track.

But consider our life. We are all in our own circular vortexes (or vortii, for all the mathematicians might think). We start our life thinking we will go in this direction. Our ambitions range from being an astronaut to deep sea diver. Then we get pulled by materialistic desires and forget the ambitions. Sex, intoxications and the lure of green paper take a precedence in our life.

Spinning in our circular vortex of life is like being blindfold and made to spin a thousand times. By the end of it, you would not know where you are heading. Worse, you wouldnt know where you wanted to head in the first place.

Do we really want to have a direction to our life? We may, or we may not. It solely depends on the will power of the individual. For probable lesser mortals like you or the writer of this blog, it might not be that easy to stick on to one single direction in life.

VnP urges you to live life your way, forget direction, forget desires. Power of now, as a friend of the writer says, has been the key in life; rest set apart, life is a straight line, starts at birth, ends at death.

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Priyanka said...

Very truly said.. i Agree with the writer.... Cheers...