Friday, October 20, 2006

Love- A Comedy

Love is probably the biggest hallucinogen in the world. It warps reality into something you have always dreamt about. It makes you forget how bad you sound when you try a John Denver, Bryan Adams or Chris Isaac when you serenade to your loved one.

The writer of this blog had tripped on this drug more than once during adolescence. You start reading astrology in newspaper with great intent as to what is going to happen in your daily life. Your actions will not make any sense to anyone else.

People makes the silliest mistakes when in love, if otherwise they wouldnt even have considered. So how do people bring sensibility into love.

Third person. Imagine you and your love are acting in a play. You finish your act of romance at its best. Now take a seat with the audience and Shakespear forgive, have a rerun of your act. I am sure events in your play which was supposed to be the dreamiest, the most daring, the most romantic (ah, ofcourse) seems to be much more of slap stick comedy than the romance you had intended.

Perspectives, I assert again, are there in every possible actions in your life, more so in love than anything else. So do not get blinded by the visions that love gives you, open your mind and perceive, coz that my dear friend is reality.

Disclaimer: The writer of this blog do not intend in anyway to hurt the feelings of people in love and believes in the superior power of love to anything else in the world.

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Anonymous Assclown said...

Technically speaking, dimethyltryptamine is the most powerful hallucinogenic.