Thursday, December 07, 2006


Well first and foremost... sorry to all the regular readers of this blog... it wont account to more than 11 or 12 of my very close friends.

The reason the blog got bogged down was I had a trip to Goa and am still rejoicing on that. Drugs, Dine and Do (the girls that is).

Here i wanna specify on the serenity of white. Why is white so serene... it hardly has blotches... it never hurts your eyes... it gives you vacant space to look at... rather than black... which makes you feel somethings clouded over you.

White represents to me, spotlessness; absolutely transparency. Purity and straight forwardness. When you find spots or blotches in your white of life, you know you are going the wrong way.

but is white always the right way of life? wouldnt we want some blotches and shades in our life. Something we can have a guilty pleasure of. The writer of this blog 'smuggled' hash over a flight. It gives me a thrill and is not all white. So the blotches do account to something.

White can mean you are pure of heart, you are sensible and extremely truthful. But white, do not always make you a good human being. For us being part of what God has created us to be, we have to have shades of grey. Not all good... not all bad. Broaden up... go for your senses, grey up those whites, enjoy life.

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cheesespread said...

black... which makes you feel somethings clouded over you.