Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Before you readers gets into a conclusion that this writer is about to start off on being politically aware or being aware of international affairs, he would like to put all such assumptions to rest. No there is no preaching in this blog about cut flag cakes, instru'mental'ised national anthems or sex sirens draping national flags around themselves (unfortunately one of those public uproar sensitive national flag came somewhere between her legs; not a bad place I would say, but anyways).
I am sure we all are, to an extent, politically aware. We are also aware of our sexuality. We are aware of current affairs. We are financially aware. We are aware that the global temperature is rising and soon the ice caps up north will melt and all World will be drowned (except Americans ofcourse).
Have I missed out on something; let me see (not in the order of preference at all)
1) Finance- Check
2) World around you- Check
3) Sexual pleasures- Check
4) Profession- Check
5) Ambitions- Check
Check check check....
Let us focus our perception to something we HAVE unfortunately, VERY unfortunately, missed. LIFE
When were we last aware of ourselves? Put aside the worldly image of you, be it a banker, software professional, Manager, party animal, everything; lets put it all aside, and look at yourself.
The sole purpose of existence, is to be happy. And they lived happily ever after. So ended fairy tales of yore. But in todays world, we have many a dragons to slay before we reach the happily ever after. Infact, we keep slaying dragons that life puts in your path, we never really have time to live happily ever after.
So how do we find the ethereal (supposedly) happiness while we slay those dragons.
Its something I would like to call (drum rolls)
There are lots of little things in life, which gives you pure unadulterated joy.

Next time you try a new deo, try not to think how it will appeal to the opposite sex. Close your eyes and try to conjure up a picture in your mind as you smell it.
Next time, be involved in all the sensations you feel as you gently lather up a delicate, sweet smelling foam, while washing your hands.
Next time you listen to a song, get inside the song. Imagine you are a music conductor. Imagine, you have a whole orchestra infront of you playing the song. Try controlling the song.
Feel the texture of your loved ones hair and scalp as you gently run your fingers through it.

If we are not passive in these things, we can find happiness. It is in such instances, that you are in tune with yourself.

So stop gawking around looking at the fantastical imagery of the world around us and be lost to life; because, Life is You.

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