Sunday, October 14, 2007

Power of Chants

Aah... where were these when I had always wanted? No matter how much i defend myself against the so called religious customs, I always believe that there was a good cause at the start of every religion in this world. Somewhere during human progress it became more of a command than a choice.

One thing I like about Hinduism is the incredible power the chants can generate. I have felt it when I visit a Hanuman Temple near my Home in Kerala. It creates such an uplifting energy inside you. Same is the case with one song that never ceases to incite a calm energy into the soul. It is a song called 'Shiva Shiva' from the malayalam movie called 'Samam'.

Today, during a visit to Landmark, Forum Mall, Bangalore I chanced upon an album called Sacred Chants. They were playing a song (stotra) from that cd and the arrangement immediately got me hooked to it. I got three volumes of Sacred Chants and they have a really amazing value for money. The arragements are terrific and rarely overshadows the chants which are the essence of this collection. The music arrangement is done by this folks called SEVEN (Franco Simon, Sangeeth and Stephen). I stand up and applaud. Though the arrangement do get a bit high at certain places. Especially there was a track in Volume One which starts off like a perfect Church Choir kind of song. These can ofcourse be forgiven as this is one really well crafted album. Buy it if you are really open to ambient music or if you have an ear for stotras.

(Sacred Chants is released by Kosmic Music and must be available in your nearest music world, planet M or Landmark)

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