Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Bangalore Police have never had it easier. With the 11:30 deadline they can get their 'fair' share of bribes AND reach home early enough for a good night's sleep. But no, the thinking caps in the Bangalore Police have to go one step 'ahead'. They wound their clocks way back to the 19th Century and brought the 'NO DANCING' rule back. A fair guess would be that EVEN in 19th century India things were not this bad; comeon think Khajuraho with all those nasty biatches of courtesans, around.

The whole concept of this No Dancing rule doesn't make any sense. Do they think that people dance like a mating ritual and then the best male dancer gets to copulate with the most fertile female on the dance floor? Even if things were like that it would have been advantageous to India as a whole. We get a whole different ball game for arranged marriage; this will be like getting the Swayamvara system back. As we all know, healthy, dancing offspring is the key to a healthy economy. These days it jumps up and down with as much grace as of a Sumo Wrestler show jumping.

But guess what, I believe that this whole thing of ban on dancing is just a smokescreen. I had been to a few parties over the last couple of weeks and no where have I had the difficulty of not dancing. Actually I was tired of dancing too much (to DJ Vachan who else).

Bangalore Times is making a big time meal of this dancing ban. Every other day there will be an article which covers the hardships people face with the ban on dancing. Owners complain that their revenue stream has been mauled apart by the Bangalore Police. DJs complain that there is no audience for new songs and no scope for them to experiment; other than of course on "How to play songs that makes a crowd NOT Dance?". Hell, even the waiters are complaining that they cannot brush past those awesome beauties on the dancefloor, because there is NO dancefloor.

Maybe all this would run a sympathy tide against the police department and they will revoke all such restrictions. Thats what I am hoping would happen. But for now, Bangalore is fast losing its sheen and hardcore Bangaloreans have to put up with a lot of jeers from their partying-all-night neighbours from Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. As for me, I am heading off to Hyderabad for the Tiesto Gig. Its been too long a time since I have seen the sun rise while returning from a party; and trust me there is no sobering high like that.

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