Saturday, March 15, 2008

An i-doser Q&A

For starters, the i-doser is an application which plays binaural audio (jargonified freaky sounds) which stimulates your brains to give you the effect of various drugs (among others). I had decent results with i-doser and I was a skeptic.

For a very in-depth research on i-doser click here.

Let me try answering a few of the regular concerns:

1) Does it work?
A: Binaural audio HAS to work. Many years back i had seen an article about a Tantric (Saint) in Japan. He had many disciples who went week after week to meet this guy. The Jap cops found him to be a major fraud who was into other shitty business; what they were clueless about was how he got so many disciples. They checked everything, no success with drugs. Finally someone checked a tape of one of his prayer sessions. They analyzed it and VOILA... the recorded prayers were layered over Binaural sound. They edited the prayer and played only the Binaural part. I can still remember my feeling... it was scary scary sound.

2) Placebo?
A: No. I don't think so. Why not? See below.

3) Why restful state of mind and lying down and all that shit, when a real drug doesn't need all that?
A: The real drug ACTUALLY alters you chemical structure. There are ACTUAL changes happening inside you. We, as mortal human beings, don't have control over the chemical composition of our blood. We cannot manipulate it. A drug can; and easily. Thats why its a straight out trip. Whereas, the i-doser works through sounds stimulating brain waves. And we have a more direct control with our brain than with our blood stream. We can forcefully start thinking and analyzing so that our brain remains occupied and unaffected by stimulus. I can argue on the same defense that you can quell down a marijuana trip the same way. Thats the reason why the relaxed state requirement. Oh by the way, it is actually difficult to relax your brain, thats why meditation is so niche.

4) How are the trips?
A: Not bad actually. Like a few people had mentioned; you feel REMs. Oh yeah, really thats freakish. Rapid Eye Movement they say happens only during dreams. So this has to be something. And weird dreams, dreams that you can feel and experience; but unfortunately, I couldn't remember them. A creepy stuff happened when I actually heard someone shout in my dream, and the sound just dissolved into the binaural audio. I swear i could feel that shout just melting into the sound through the headphones.
That said, the trips are really not all that great when compared to the real stuff. For example, their DMT trip promised cosmos and planets and all bull crap and I didnt see any of that. But the trip was good. Acid trip was a load of face twitching and real fun.

So there, now its upto you to make whatever of it. Try it, its fun, and quite effective, like their Calm ME. That made me feel good through the day, and trust me it was a rather nasty day that. Placebo? Why should I care when it actually worked. All you sceptics get me something else (another placebo even) to make me feel good, I will take it.

Update: The anesthesia dose works; and how! My whole left leg was numb.


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