Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shitting Through Our Mouths

There is an episode of South Park in which Eric Cartman discovers that if you shove food up your ass it comes through your mouth as, well SHIT!!! Yeah, I know it sounds a bit creepy and disgusting and all that, and you are entitled to feel that way. After all, its South Park.

The truth about Indian Sports is stranger than such antics of South Park. They just cannot come up with the right access to this pipeline. India has received much accolades (compared to our previous shabby history) this year thanks to some brilliant sportspeople. At the achievements of these guys, what does our sports ministry (lets say Government in general) do? They shower them with cash inaams of 50 lakhs and name streets and markets in their name. That. Is shit coming out of the mouth.

The correct way for this 50lakh was for the ministry to invest it on facilities and have faith in these youngsters. But no, in India anything related to sports becomes BIG ONLY if there are accolades. Accolades, not spirit. We need heroes we can look up to; not sports which can liberate us. In a way, we are all shoving food up our asses and shitting through our mouths. Imagine this REALLY improbable scenario. Imagine, Indian football team, through some odds made it to the Football World Cup. You can see how THAT will increase the popularity of football in our country.

But well, we don't live in an ideal world. An ideal India on the other hand is most other countries' perception of an ideal hell. So I take my confidence-in-Indian-Sports paani puri, crumple it up my ass and probably in 2012 London olympics many more medals may rise against the Indian tally, and I will quietly lay my golden nugget of crap, through my mouth.

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