Thursday, June 11, 2009

Photos from an onsite IT professional

(Psst. I don't actually have the photos. But this is more or less how it goes. You can verify with the orkut album of someone you know. Psst over.)

Onsite - the nameless mecca that is an IT professional's haven. But what does he click when he's there?

Arbit photographs, like:
1) Ben (my new colleague), his girlfriend Heather and me

2) Statue of Liberty and I (shot in a low angle with caption that says, "Who's taller?")

3) Me in front of Niagara falls (caption: such a beautiful place for a country's border)

4) Me and my new car (Caption: my new ride)

5) Me in front of random building

6) Me in front of random roadside statue

7) Me sitting on a park bench

8) Me in front of New York traffic

9) Me with my Starbucks

And last but not the least,

10) Me playing in snow (Caption: It's snowing!)

Wow, genius. How did you figure that out? Why don't you check again? It might be coagulated calcium dispensed from heaven.

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