Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dementor's Song

If the day is looking grey,
Don't worry no more, I say
It's the dementors
They are floating in sky.

They are black and quite smoky
Shrouded in a cape a li'l cocky.
And their skin is wrinkled
To a point beyond repair.

They cause a lot of gloom
Makes you think you're headin' to doom
But that's not to say
They are the ones to pay.

It's their characteristic trait
That they trouble you sans respite
But the witches and the wizards
Sure got a way.

Pick up your magic wand,
To do that sleight of your hand
And kill the glum
Shout Expecto Patronum!

The silver light that springs out
If a unicorn, you deserve a lout
But it does the trick
If you even cast a crick.

So there you see my folks
That dementors are no hoax.
Look around you
Now you know why it is so blue.

Now you know how to treat 'em
Not by force or by your cloak's hem
But with magic watch the day
As it turns... so... bright.... AGAIN!


Cheeze said...
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Cheeze said...

Spooky .. Adding it to the blogroll !..

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