Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yayyyy 2008!!!

New Year is almost always a very very scary affair. There are tonnes of New Year Eve's party around the town of Bangalore but which will bite deep into your wallet. Its quite a tense affair if you think nothing is gonna work out fine and you will be stuck home and the world is out there partying. Trust me the Smirnoff catch phrase 'World is calling, where are you' scares me to go buy a Smirnoff get drunk and sleep; don't know for sure if that was their intentions either.

Last year's New Year Eve was a rather bed ridden affair with me sweating out into feverish highs; quite literally as I was down with fever. If it wasn't the company of a rather close friend (two winks here) I would have probably gone into a depression for the whole of 2007.

2008 well, has opened up with a bang; what with crackers, beer, whiskey, ice creams with God knows whats mixed, tequila shots and well a whole load of fun. In the end it was quite tiring and also makes you realize once in a while why the Bangalore curfew needs to be taken off as this party gave us much needed time to SOBER DOWN.

I am wishing all of you 366 days of 2008. Comeon you know it wont be like rocking or marvellous or wonderful; so lets keep things realistic.

There are a few photos taken during the party that I am attaching with this post as closing credits.

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Whats in a name said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..!! Happy New Year!