Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yayyyyyy 99.99 Percentile!!!!

Yes yes, the yayyyy posts continue in 2008 what with me securing 99.99 percentile in the Verbal Section of the CAT. Overall percentile of 97.02 doesn't really make me into the list of any IIMs (guess they have to wait for my brilliance) thanks to my below lackluster performances in the other sections. But pleased I am as there was next to no preparations from my side. Yeah yeah am boasting, heres some water; gulp it down.

So, the monster CAT though not conquered, has been satisfactorily subdued thanks to my pulling a fast one from the hat. Cats hats, sometimes I wonder why I don't try my hand in poetry. So here is my very earnest (cough cough) effort:

Once there was this rat,
Stupid and blind it sat
Waiting in terror for the CAT
To be gobbled up by it and fast.

Thanks to a lucky angel so fat
He pulled a trick fast out of his hat
He chewed up the CAT in no time flat

(I swear I won't do this again.)

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Whats in a name said...

Hats off!!! and No stopping hands at poetry!!