Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Fragrance Pouch

The sun was shining brightly through the window at my right. I couldn’t see it though, my eyes was tightly shut. Exhaustion is what I had been faced with for the last couple of days and my body ‘ably’ responded to it with continuous slumber and inactivity; especially during mornings. It was Tiesto again, through the progression for “Dance for Life”. I thought it will make a huge difference having something as pumpy as this track for your morning alarm. Well, it was a damn squib alrite. I think even psychedelic trance will sound like a classical raga at 6:30 in the morning. Maybe that’s why they play classical ragas in the morning; you know, you cant take it any step lower.

My suryanamaskara had always been of the utmost intimate kind. Sun though it seems all shiny and everything is not quite a morning person you know. So you see I prefer to share that relaxed attitude of the sun in the morning. I wonder why people go jogging and hit the gym in the morning. It has to be spent in peace with the Sun; sleeping. The warm rays of the sun gently running over your closed eyelids; its like the sun is consoling you or caressing you.

They say it’s the mood you wake up in that sets the tone for the day; but there is a catch there. The mood you wake up will always be grumpy. You cannot change that. God has made us all grumpy when we are awake. I mean there is bound to be a synchronization failure in some part of your body. Maybe your legs are working and your eyes fail you. Maybe your eyes are wide open but your body fail you. If everything is alright, your grit and determination fails you. So you see, there is very little chance that we can wake up and hit a six over cover which wins us the World Cup; wham! No way! So you have to control your body to remain in the state of sub consciousness, until gradually you are wakey wakey. So then you get up and hit the kinda music that peps you up. Oh you bet you will start dancing away to glory alright.

Well, that’s the morning you want. Don’t force yourself from bed. It doesn’t do you any good. Relax and take your time to get up; and when you are awake kick start the day with music; or crossword if that’s what interests you (YOU DORK!).

But many a times I have noticed that there are certain other aspects of the morning that really cranks you up. Its almost always that special someone. That bundle of already awake and kicking joy that just injects you the energy you need. I tend to call her (ok ok, or him) The Fragrance Pouch. You don’t know what a fragrance pouch is? Its that you know, pouch which has some powder or what not in it and it spreads this fragrance (if which you don’t read the label can be as good as jasmine or musk; really, doesn’t make much difference).

This particular person, or this fragrance pouch, is incredibly soft on the outside. If the pouch is besides you it’s the best thing ever. A few unlucky ones can also use the amenities of modern life like a cellphone by the bedside. Yes yes; the fragrance spreads in the form of audio waves as well. And when you get the fragrance inside you, it’s the best thing ever. You can feel the lifelessness inside you slowly boiling up into a warmth. The morning seem warm and bright and not the cold blue you were erstwhile used to. The fragrance pouch doesn’t just incite your sense of smell; it’s an all encompassing warmth that surrounds you. You hear that in that one extra cuckoo in the neighborhood cuckoo choir who seems to be giving her everything into the performance. You open the window and the Fragrance Pouch again conjures up her magic in the form of that small droplet of dew still on the window sill; and shining brightly thanks to Mr Sun. And when you finally get down to your music, you hear it as the extra hi-hat or crescendo that just takes it all to a higher level.

You might think all of it is not real and there is no such thing as a fragrance pouch; you know it’s a myth your mind is conjuring up. So what? Maybe that’s what mind is best doing. Conjure up certain myths that just makes your day seem brighter and a lot happier. I say give in to the Maya the world is and enjoy every moment of it. If you have a fragrance pouch; there is nothing better than it.

This little fragrance of a person can just brighten up your day. You feel that spring in your step and that lilt in your voice. Theres joy everywhere. A smile comes easily to you. You breathe, and you feel like you have inhaled one huge cylinder of perfumy life.

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