Friday, June 20, 2008

Pappu Can't Dance - So?

Why is everyone complaining that Pappu can’t dance? Is dancing the sole stakeholder when it comes to attraction? Let us look at other aspects of Pappu and see if it will compensate Pappu’s two left legs.

Pappu has a fabulous physique (Hey muscular).

Pappu, apparently, is also spectacular (don’t know what that means really; spectacular like the Pyramids?).

Pappu has a very fast car. His eyes are blue and he looks like a foreigner and this makes him a craze among girls. (God... why didn’t you bless me with blue/green/grey/smoky/Clooney eyes?)

His materialistic tastes are of the highest order; what with him wearing a Rado watch and Gucci perfume. (I would have actually preferred Pappu going for Tag Heuer; but it doesn’t go with the rhyme)

Though Pappu was born into a wealthy family with a silver spoon stuck in his mouth (which was later removed surgically), his parampara with his parents are intact. His Papa apparently thinks Pappu will make it big and land himself in a job. Pappu is qualified enough for this task with his MBA and frequent trips to France. Well, maybe France was for holiday.

Anyways, Pappu seems capable of playing the guitar. Above everything else, unlike such all-in-all fantastic dudes who have such big heads on their shoulder, Pappu is very down to earth and is a friend of friends (yaaron ka yaar).

All this makes Pappu a great person, very admirable and likeable. I believe anyone will fall for his traits; except for his dancing skills.

Now really; is dancing that important to overrule all these facts? In corollary, will dancing alone make you swoon over someone? Or is this whole song a pointless piece?

PS: I am really sorry if I ruined this wonderful and crazily addictive song with such a ‘theses’. So for now lets enjoy Pappu can’t dance $aala… tirkit daana tirkit daana.. gee gee daana, lets dance!

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious :D

- Doc.