Thursday, September 18, 2008


I hate cows. I mean I don't hate cows as a part of the animal kingdom, but I just hate them on the roads. Bangalore has enough traffic worries even without the cows. The heights was when a particularly long car had to stop diagonally across the road so that the guy inside could get a good blessing from the cow. Other motorists who weren't so cow-inclined had some equally honest 'blessings' for the guy as well.

I mean, they are cows. Legs, ears, eyes, nose, tail, udders. Nothing we don't have (ok, scratch the last two). I understand that they're a huge part of the Hindu religion and all that. But on roads they are just a misery for various reasons:
1) They are slow. They crawl and make absolutely no use of those four legs.
2) They think there is grass on Bangalore roads. I mean, Bangalore roads hardly have any roads, forget grass.
3) They drop humongous piles of cow dung.
4) They are plain traffic dumb. Unlike dogs. Dogs are in abundance in Bangalore, but they are traffic friendly. They are quick and rarely cause a traffic block.

There aren't half as many cows as there are dogs. If there are dog relocation programmes by the Government, there should be a cow relocation programme. I know all you religious right wingers are gonna scorn at me for suggesting something like this. But, there is a way.

Temples take donations. Why don't we start a new hundi (donation box) to create a large green space outside of the city where these cows can roam freely. And eat freely. But that's not the end of the story. There's more good news. Let us make this new habitat for our traffic-weary cows a monument. Let's make it our... (drum rolls here)... Cow Temple. Nandi will be the main deity and we can throw in Lord Shiva, Parvathy and the likes as well. I am sure it will be a huge success. And who better to give us those other-worldly blessings, than the hundreds of cows grazing happily on the monument lawns.


neha said...

I absolutely agree with you. Infact ever since i have relocated to bangalore (from Mumbai)i.e over the last 2 years, i have wondered why it has not occurred to anybody - animal lovers, hindu rights activists, some NGOs, that these poor animals should be given a habitat of their own. Cows roaming the streets are liable to be injured, sometimes fatally, they eat all kind of crap strewn across the street dustbins in Bangalore, etc, etc. I am pained everytime i see a cow on a Bangalore street. Why not start a movement to make a difference? Anybody interested? Anybody knows of an NGO who would be interested in taking up the cause of these animals?
This issue has really been going on in my mind for some time now and i am ready to contribute in any manner that makes a difference. Does anybody care to help?

VnP said...

well thank you... but to be honest I meant the post just as a dig... really thick skinned to expect anyone to do anything about it... am not a man of my words...