Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pro Choice

I hate dictations. Remember the spelling tests in lower classes? The teacher would dictate a word and we had to write it. I was pretty good at that; but still, I hated it.

Dictating words is one thing.

Dictating life is totally different.

I don't want a life where I am dictated things. If I am the only one who has to face the consequences of my actions, why should you dictate? For lemonade?

So let me live.

Live smoking.
Live drinking.
Live making out.
Live making in.
Live working.
Live lazing.
Live eating.
Live working out.
Live doping.
Live meditating.
Live travelling.
Live sleeping.
Live playing.
Live fighting.
Live writing.
Live reading.
Live farting.
Live puking.
Live blogging.
Live commenting.
Live thinking.
Live dreaming.

And if you don't agree with me, I will buy you a lemonade. See I CHOOSE to buy. Or I CHOOSE not to buy. You CHOOSE to accept. Or you CHOOSE not to accept.


**Sri Harsha** said...

Well, "I" just choose to write a comment.

"You" have the choice to read it or not.

VnP said...

damn it... chose not to read this comment, but gmail just plastered it on my inbox... where is the damn spoil-your-self-esteem-if-you-read-this alert?