Thursday, December 20, 2007

Desperate Alcoholics/Smokers

Coming back to home is well an exhilarating experience thanks to Amma's amazing food. Well I learnt this time round that this will test your levels of tolerance to the limits.

I have almost (I stress on almost) given up smoking, except for the parties where if you dont smoke you have to drink. As drinking in clubs is more expensive than smoking, smoking is the 'wise' choice while clubbing.

Well coming back to the topic, I was just arranging my clothes into the cupboard in my room when my gaze fell on a duty free bag. This bag has been around for quite some time now, but today I decided to take a look inside. One bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label and 20/200 packs of Philip Morris and Dunhill.

Well see it all you suckers; I cannot get these babies all waiting to go up in smokes and... well... err... as a kick in your heads, out of my room. Neither can I sneak a peg or a smoke out of this as my Dad would know. If I tell him I have to take it for my friends, he will know its a rather big baggage for just friends.

There is no end to my ongoing dilemma and desperation. If you people have any kind of advice, please please please do tell it to me.

Addendum: I deliberately avoided mentioning the bigger-than-name statutory warning on the Philip Morris. Period.

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Whats in a name said...

Advice: FORGET IT!!!!