Thursday, December 13, 2007

Karzzz - Return of Bollywood's Capped Crusader

Sad is the state of Indian movies which saw Himesh Reshammiya's Aap Ka Surroorrr - The Moviieeeiie becoming one of the major hits of the year. I knew it from the onset that the near death experience will not be over soon and we will have to face more attempted murders thanks to producers who wants to cash in on the value-for-money proposition that is Himesh.

But I never saw this one coming! More than a near death experience, Himesh will be handing us a pre-death, through-death AND post-death experience with his next movie Karzzz. The movie is apparently the remake of the much less zzz-ed original, Karz. I would say its a good thing that its a movie based on reincarnation. The audience can choose between two endings; a first in the world of movies. Those who cannot tolerate more of Himesh can decide to themselves that Karzzz is just a very neo-realistic movie which says good doesn't win over evil all the bloody effing time when Himesh dies; or, people who still want to hoot, cat call or nasally twang the hero under the cap can sit, stand or dance through the whole thing.

Also to its credit is its apparently remizzzed title. Karz becomes Karzzz; just like 'Surroor' became 'Surrroooooorrrrrr......rrrr.....rr..' and 'movie' became 'Moviieeee' (I am still confused about how this one is actually spelled). I feel the 'zzz' factor in the title might show a lot about the movie than the initial promos. I can foresee the reviewers having a field day with its title alone. "Karzzz was like the title indicated; a zzz affair" or "Kar-zzz: The most sleep I had in a movie hall in a long long time".

Well I dont want to take anything away from this guy either; thanks to some hmmable (the typo is deliberate) tunes, this guy, with his lucky cap always intact, has gone ahead to become a super hit music director, pop musician and the ultimate of Indian fantasies, a superstar on screen. But I for one hope that someone out there lay a spike strip on his road to stardom and bring it to an abrupt but much awaited stop.

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